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The world wide web is full of blogs dedicated to digital art. Some of them are worth your time exploring. Others are simply dedicated to making pretty pictures. What makes this site any different?

About Darrell Chitty… He is a 30 years survivor as a portrait photographer with a fascinating resume as a master photographer, as an artist and as an author. He is also a college professor of Fine Art with a focus on digital art and art history. Darrell also has an entrepreneurial spirit, a rare combination for an artist. He has a MBA with an emphasis in marketing and has been involved in the creation of several business enterprises. Of all his varied interest, however, the exploration and creation a fine art is what fans his flame.

Creating and Marketing Art with a focus on the Old Masters… Ten years ago with the advent of digital photography Darrell noticed that his successful photography business was gradually losing sales volume. He saw the writing on the wall, either change or die. With his passion for both photography and traditional art he decided to commit himself to developing a technique where photographers could learn to create digital/traditional art using the inspiration of the great masters of art.

One thing was certain, he did not want to simply smear pixels around on his computer screen. His unique approach is to become deeply absorbed in the life and painting technique of great masters and carefully blend those techniques into his own personal style. This insured that his painting style would not just look like every other photographer/digital painter in the country.

Darrell’s painting style is complex and challenging. It is not for the faint-hearted photographer who simply wants to dabble in digital art. His style is difficult to learn for a reason. He wants only the serious artist to master it.

Techniques of the Masters… Very soon Darrell will be revealing a new series of on-line webinars, summer workshops and DVD’s demonstrating his painting techniques using several key old masters as his inspiration. This blog will be a resource center to provide support for this study.

Artist Mentoring Program… Two different mentoring programs are being developed for the serious student desiring to take their art to a much higher level.

The first program is an one year on-line training program which can be renewed every year. It will include a 20-presentation study of featured masters and their painting styles. Darrell will demonstrate his painting method to duplicate each style. Three different masters will be featured during the 20 study year with the first three artist being the Impressionist painters Monet, Renoir and Degas. Companion PDF’s will be provided to assist the student in their studies. The investment for this on-line program is $35 per 90 minute webinar, $300 for 10 on-line webinars or $400 for the entire year.

The second mentoring program is designed for those students desiring hands-on attention with their personal growth and development as an artist. It will include the 20 study webinar plus personal tutoring and development of a unique painting style. Also included will be a sharing of Darrell’s proven marketing techniques that have completely revolutionized his way of generating income with his art. An evaluation of your trade market and a customized marketing strategy is a focal point of this mentoring alternative. Darrell will be available to come to your community and studio for a two-day research and training period. Your only cost will be room and travel expenses. You will also qualify for one half off on attending one of four summer workshops conducted in beautiful South Louisiana plantation country. We will reside and study on the grounds of a 1790’s plantation, the perfect environment for the creation of art. The investment for the one year, one-to-one mentoring program is only $995.

A three part DVD series is presently being prepared. More details will be available during the summer.

For more information you may e-mail Darrell at: darrellchitty@yahoo.com or you may contact him at 318-390-6439.

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5 Responses to Welcome to Darrell Chitty’s Digital Art Site

  1. Lisa Bare says:

    I love your wonderful technique. Please show more!

  2. Thanks Lisa. I am working on several paintings right now.

  3. Stacie Tetreault says:

    Hi Darrell,
    I really fell in love with your great painting style thru the webinar from DAA (digital art academy). & have visited your web site trying to find more info on your DVD’s or other teaching programs.

    Please let me know when the dvd’s or other webinars are available.
    Thanks very much,

  4. Sondra Matthews says:

    Hi again, About how many hours of one on one does your second level mentoring program include? Where are these one on one classes held?

    Thanks for your info.


  5. Mark Cantu says:

    Darrell, I just wanted to let you know that I love what you are doing. I am a new student to digital media. Currently, I am taking a course at Southwest Craft Center in San Antonio, Texas. I want to develop myself to be able to do something like what you have done. I am a great lover of John Singer Sargent. Since I am so new – I am wondering if I have the ability to be a part of your first year program? How advance must you be in Photoshop?

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